Active Native Youth 2021

Notah Begay Foundation Partners with CISD
Posted on 03/01/2021
NB3 Foundation

Do you like to be active?
Do you like to make videos?
We’ve got a solution for you!

The Notah Begay Foundation and Cuba Independent School District are partnering up to bring you the Active Native Youth Campaign.

It’s time to get up and have some fun!

Here are the requirements to participate:

  • You MUST be in grades 5-12
  • You MUST be Native American
  • You must submit a 30-60 second video:
    • Your video has to show you being active- working out or doing a tik-tok type of dance
    • If your video shows you working out you have to tell us what you are doing and the benefits of the exercise (think of Mr Hatch’s Fast Five videos). We DO NOT want a full minute of you lifting weights in silence
    • If you opt to do a dance, you can have music but it must be appropriate for school (NO bad words or negative innuendos) and your dance moves CANNOT be inappropriate
    • Feel free to ask friends, family, pets, etc... to join you- BUT only the person who submits the video will be counted
    • Each submission MUST be different- so if you work with classmates, you cannot all submit the same video, each one must be different (it’s only 30 seconds you got this!)
  • This is a first-come, first-serve basis so if you submit your video early, the more likely you are to receive a cool prize

The purpose of this campaign is to get you active, boost your self esteem and self confidence. Don’t stress over it, don’t be shy, and just have fun! If you have questions about anything, feel free to reach out to Raphaelita Phillips at or call/text at 505-290-4357.

Join the Google Classroom to upload your videos here: