Dress Code

Taken from page 18 of the HS Student Handbook


The wearing of clothing which is disruptive to the educational process is not allowed.  A student’s appearance will be governed by standards that are compatible with decency, cleanliness, safety, and an atmosphere of learning.  Students violating these standards may be sent home to change clothes, or parents/guardians will be called to bring a change of clothes for the student.  Absences for going home to change clothes will not be excused.  Other consequences such as time in the Learning Lab and possible Out of School Suspension will be considered for habitual offenders.

The school administration has the right to regulate any student's dress that creates a disruption, is a distraction to learning, is of questionable decency and/or creates a health or safety hazard. Students are responsible for complying with the school dress code.  Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their student’s attire. 

All students who attend Cuba High School must adhere to the following:

  1. An appropriate fitting polo shirt or button-up shirt which does not extend lower than 2 inches from the pants pocket opening, a pair of appropriate fitting pants and shoes that meet the regulations below would be an example of correct dress.
  2. Shoes which cover toes must be worn at all times. (Open toe sandals and flip flops are not allowed.)
  3. Skirts/dresses/shorts must be of appropriate length.  Such items of clothing will be considered acceptable if they extend no less than one inch (1”) below the fingertips of the student when the student is standing with back and shoulders flush against a wall and arms are fully extended along the sides of the student’s leg.

The following will not be worn by any gender:

  1. Tank tops, T-shirts, halter tops, see-through, tight, or low-cut tops, muscle shirts, half-shirts or spaghetti straps.  Blouses or tops that show excessive cleavage, midriff or belly button.
  2. Pajamas, house slippers, open toe sandals or flip flops.
  3. Hairstyles that can be considered a distraction or safety hazard are not acceptable.  Hair color must be a naturally occurring color, i.e., red, brown, black, blonde. Facial hair including beards, mustaches and sideburns should be groomed so that they are neat and clean.
  4. Makeup which changes a student’s appearance that could cause a disruption to the educational process.
  5. Sunglasses, (unless prescribed by a doctor, or worn for other verifiable medical reasons. chains or similar objects are not allowed in the building.
  6. Attire or apparel (including patches, decals, buttons) that makes reference to violence, sex, gang membership, Satanism/occult, skulls, demons, tobacco, alcohol or drugs, weapons and safety pins, jewelry with spikes, chains, or other metal objects considered a safety hazard
  7. Caps are not to be worn in buildings. When worn outside, they must be worn with the bill forward. Hats, and Headbands will not be worn inside the school buildings.
  8. Hoods on sweatshirts or jackets will not be worn above the shoulders inside the school buildings.
  9. Spandex, stretch pants, yoga pants or any type of skin tight attire may not be worn by itself. It may be worn underneath a skirt, a pair of appropriate shorts or a shirt that is long enough to ensure modesty.
  10. Sagging or baggy pants worn below the waist or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, interferes with mobility, or could conceal weapons.  Over length belts that dangle and long looping chains are in violation of the dress code..Low cut pants that show midriff or hips or torn pants exposing skin.
  11. Body or facial piercing, must be removed.  Body piercing is defined as any piercing other than the ear.
  12. Tattoos that make reference to gang affiliations, Satanism/occult, drugs, alcohol sex or violence must be covered.

All dress code issues are subject to administrative review and discretion.  Exceptions for specific situations may be allowed by building administrators. Accommodations for students with disabilities or religious requirements will be made on an individual basis.  Students with special needs conditions or requirements shall contact the building administrator for individual consideration.

First Offense:
Student will be given an opportunity to correct violation or remain in the Learning Lab for the   
remainder of the day.

Second Offense:
Parents / Guardian will be called to bring appropriate items to the school for the student. Student may 
be sent home to change and serve one (1) day in the Learning Lab.

Third Offense:     
Student will have two (2) days out of school suspension followed by a mandatory parent conference.

Fourth Offense:
Student will have up to a ten (5) day suspension.