New Visitor Management System
Posted on 01/07/2020
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As the new semester has come upon us, Cuba Independent Schools would like to notify parents about a new system that will help maintain the safety of our students. The system is called Ident-A-Kid. Ident-A-Kid requires parents, guardians, and ALL visitors to check-in with the front office and provide a VALID IDENTIFICATION/DRIVERS LICENSE. This system is in place at all three schools: Elementary, Middle and High Schools. All Administrative Assistants will require a VALID IDENTIFICATION/DRIVERS LICENSE from a Parent/Guardian or Family Member in order to check-out a student. The VALID IDENTIFICATION/DRIVERS LICENSE will then be scanned to ensure the individual is allowed to check-out the student or on the NOGO list. If the Individual is on the NOGO list, the individual is not allowed to check-out the student (Parents/guardians, please ensure that if any other individual is checking out your student, that they are listed on PowerSchool and have a valid identification source).

With the new system, students will also be required to check-in with Ident-A-Kid for a tardy slip. This will be monitored by the Attendance Clerk/Administrative Assistant at each building. Those individuals who want to visit a school are also required to bring a VALID IDENTIFICATION CARD/DRIVERS LICENSE to obtain a visitors pass. They will be required to take a photo for the system, have their ID scanned (if the individual is on the NOGO list, the individual will not be able to visit the campus), and a badge will then be printed with the exact time and date of visit.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact each Administrative Assistant at each building. They are as follows: (575) 289-3211; Veronica Madrid, HS ext. 200; Moria Montoya, MS ext. 300; and Anita Romero, ES ext. 400.

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