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    New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) offers two medical plans that employees can choose from to meet their health care needs. A High Option and Low Option administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico or Presbyterian Health Plan let you choose any physican without a referral. Both plans, high or low, feature in-network and out-of network benefits. Both include in-network preventative health benefits with no copayment, no deductible.

    • The High Option Plan has lower out-of-pocket costs, does not require a deductible and has predictable copayments for In-Network benefits. Out-of-Network benefits include a deductible and coinsurance except for preventive services.
    • The Low Option Plan has a lower premium and includes a deductible and coinsurance for most In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits. Some services (such as physician office visits and preventive services) include predictable copayments.

    Both High and Low Option Plans are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield or Presbyterian are identical in design.The difference is in the networks.

    Monthly Premium rates are based on salary range, $25,000 or more — district pays 60%; employee pays 40%.

    New Mexico Blue Cross and Blue Shield

    Presbyterian HMO

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    Prescription Drugs

    Prescription Drug benefits include legend medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and prescribed by a licensed physician. Benefits require a written prescription from a physician to be covered under the prescription plan.

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    The Dental plan also offers a high or low option choice. You may choose any provider. Although the best coverage is with a participating provider. In-Network coverage ranges from 100% for oral exam, cleaning; 80% restorations, oral surgery, etc. to 50% for crowns, fixed bridges. For more information call 1-888-898-0370 or visit:

    United Concordia

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    You may choose any provider. Although the best coverage is with a participating provider. Coverage ranges from 100% coverage for a routine eye exam every 12 months with an In-Network provider to new frames every 24 months. For more information call 1-800-999-5431 or visit:

    Davis Vision

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    Salary Continuation & Long Term Disability

    Long Term Disability Insurance in available to all active employees. The scheduled benefits range begins at 66 2/3% of your average monthly earnings.

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    Voluntary Life Insurance

    Voluntary term Life Insurance offers is 100% employee paid. Employees can choose from employee, spouse, and/or child coverage. Voluntary AD&D is also offered, at 100% employee paid.

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    Basic Life

    Employees are covered with a $50,000.00 Basic Life Policy up to age 65; thereafter, it is reduced according to age. Premium costs are paid 100% by the District. Employee requesting additional coverage and/or dependent coverage is an available option at employees’ cost.

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    NM Educators Retirement Board

    All employees contribute to the New Mexico ERB system. An automatic deduction of 7.6% is taken from each pay warrant. The District contributes 8.65%. Retirement benefits are paid to retirees, at several options. Persons are vested in the system with five years of service. Employee terminating from the District prior to retirement age may withdraw in a lump sum, monies deposited by the employee. For more information, visit:

    NM Educators Retirement Board

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    Retiree Health Care

    New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Authority

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    Voluntary Deduction Services

    Payroll Cafeteria Plan; direct payroll deposit; etc. For more information contact the CIS Business Office.

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    Additional Benefits

    The district offers paid leave days as well as personal leave days that can be taken as emergency leave days; professional leave as determined by building administrator; and in-district training programs.

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    Workers’ Compensation

    State of New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration

    Click on this link to access handbooks for worker’s comp injuries.

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    Social Security Administration

    Information on employee reportable earnings, social security card, and on-line disability claims.

    Social Security Online

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