Johnson O’Malley – Indian Education Committee

Johnson O’Malley (JOM) is a federally-funded program which provides supplemental education programs for Native American students attending public schools. Schools receive funds based on the number of Native American students attending each school. Funds must be used to supplement the education of the Native American students. Examples of programs are: tutoring, school supplies, incentives, and field trips. The program is overseen by the Cuba Indian Education Committee elected from the parents/guardians of Native American students enrolled in the school district.

Indian Education Committee

The Indian Education Committee (IEC) is an elected governing body comprised of parents/guardians of eligible Indian students served under the contract. Persons acting in “loco parentis” (assuming the “place of the parents”, such as legal guardians or parents of adopted children) may also serve except school officials or school administrators. The Indian Education Committee is active in the planning and implementing of the JOM program.