Federal Programs

Dr. Matthew Williams Ph.D
Assistant Superintendent/Federal Programs Director
(575) 289-3211 ext. 108

Raphaelita Bishara-Phillips
Indian Education Coordinator
(575) 289-3211 ext. 609

Federal/TESOL Logs

Logs will be due NO LATER THAN the last business day of each month.


  • Indian Education Committee meets the first Monday of the month


Federal/State Application Timeline

 Federal/State Application  Date 
 Title VI Intent to Apply  December 31, 2019
 Title VII Impact Aid  January 31, 2020
 Title VI Part I  March 12, 2020
 Johnson O'Malley (JOM)   March*
 State Bilingual   April*
 Title VI Part II
 May 21, 2020
 Title I Part A  June*
 Title II  June*
 Title III  June*
 JOM Unexpended Funds  June*
 Indian Education Act
 District Initiative
*Approximate date. Deadlines have not been established.