Technical Support Services

The Tech Support team is available to advise on computing topics including PC hardware, software installations, printers, setting-up information services, such as WWW, networks and communications and other computing-related matters. Requests can be submitted through the Help Desk.

Tech Support/Help Desk Response Times

In all cases we aim to answer questions and/or fix problems immediately if at all possible, but please bear with us. There are hundreds of users in the district, and a priority is assigned to each inquiry – we aim to meet adequate timescales for providing solutions. Priority is given on the basis of the nature of the computer(s) affected and the number of people involved.

Technology Staff

Tim Chavez, Technology Coordinator
Bobby Gutierrez, Technology Assistant
Brian Voss, Technology Assistant

Operating Hours

8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday (excluding breaks and holidays)

Phone: (575) 289-3211 ext. 604