Federal Programs & Indian Education

Dr. Donna Navarrete, Ph.D. 
Executive Director of Data & Accountability/Federal Programs Director

575-289-3211 ext. 108

Raphaelita Phillips
Native American Student Support Program Director/Indian Education Director

575-289-3211 ext. 609

LaVern Wagner
Tranformational Community Engagement Coordinator

575-289-3211 ext. 611

Rose Etsitty
Director of Counseling & Native American Indian Student Support Services
We love our students!We love our students!Summer Program 1Teachers prepping student packsSEPSEPSEPSEPSEPFruits of our Summer Labor

Summer Program 1

5th grader plants during SEP

5th grader holding his weaving project in his garden

3rd grader with his weaving and gardening projects for SEP

5th grader with weaving project

1st grader weaving for SEP

Fruits of Summer Labor


*Virtual MFG DAY is still on!
MFG Day will be virtual this year on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2020! The event is FREE and will be recorded and available for viewing throughout the month of October. Register here: MFG Day Registration Link. Join us and the Girl Scouts New Mexico Trails, SkillsUSA, Navajo Technical University, New Mexico Workforce and Economic Development, NM Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Sandoval Economic Alliance, and many more!!

*Virtual College Fairs! 
Things are a little different this year but don't let that stop you, check out these virtual College Fairs in New Mexico and Nationally!!! Explore your options here:
New Mexico College Fairs
National College Fairs

*NTUA CARES Act Projects
NTUA is moving forward with the CARES Act Projects including off-grid solar programs and other electric projects to provide utility services to families living without. More info at:NTUA CARES Act Projects.

Navajo School Clothing Program
This program is now under the Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance, is open to those families that qualify for TANF, and is the responsibility of PARENTS to apply for the program. However, funding is limited and is currently only available to students who attend schools ON the Navajo Nation. Unfortunately, this disqualifies CISD students from applying for the program despite our consistent protests. For more information please visit: NNTANF or call the Crownpoint Office of Navajo Family Assistant Services: (505) 786-2384 or TOLL FREE (866) 784-1694.

Navajo Education Incentive, formerly known as The Navajo School Clothing Program,

Now Accepting Applications for SY 2020-2021!




TheNavajo Family Assistance Services (NFAS),under the Department for Self Reliance, administers the Navajo Education Incentive (NEI), formerly known as the Navajo School Clothing Program. The NEI funds are intended for Navajo children, living on the Navajo Nation, and attending schools within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation. Eligibility criteria and applications available at www.nndsr.navajo-nsn.gov. Email inquiries to info@nntanf.org

or call (928) 810-8592 and request to speak with an NFAS employee.

UNM Dine Language Teacher Institute
Are you thinking about becoming a Navajo teacher in our community? Take a look at this amazing opportunity from UNM! Tuition is PAIDUNM DineÄ› Language Teacher Institute.pdf  For more information contact Raphaelita Phillips or UNM contacts on brochure!

*Questions about New Mexico Back-to-School Updates?
Have questions about the Governor's updates on back-to-school or reentry guidelines? Call the Back-to-School Hotline at 1-833-415-0567 or email Family.Engagement@state.nm.us.

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Federal/State Application Timeline

 Federal/State Application  Date   Amount
Title I May 22, 2020
Title II
May 22, 2020
Title III
May 22, 2020
Title IV Student Support and Academic Enrichment May 22, 2020 $53,241.63
Title VI Intent to Apply December 31, 2019 NA
Title VI Part I
March 12, 2020
Title VI Part II
June 19, 2020  $81,912.00
Title VII Impact Aid
January 31, 2020 ** 
  State Bilingual   May 11, 2020
 JOM Unexpended Funds  June*
 Indian Education Act
 District Initiative
 May 22, 2020
 Indigenous Education Initiative We are in a three year grant cycle 2019-2022- depending on available funding $250,000.00
 CARES Act ESSER  June 1, 2020 $596,932.18
 Johnson O'Malley (JOM) We are in a two year grant cycle 2019-2021  $26,756.83
*Approximate date. Deadlines have not been established.
** To be determined.
*** Not yet approved.

Johnson O'Malley Indian Education Parent Committee 

George Aragon- President
Tina Chavez- Vice President
vacant- Secretary

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*JOM Needs Assessment Survey Results SY 2020-2021*
JOM Needs Survey 2020

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise requested by IEC members. School messenger alerts are sent out to notify community of meetings each month, as well as posting on the CISD website. If you would like to attend, please note that there is a public comment section in the first few minutes of each meeting, during which parents and community can voice their concerns to IEC members. After doing so, you can request to be placed on the agenda for the following month. Please contact Raphaelita Phillips for more information.