Forms, Policies and Manuals



Accidents (Student & Staff), see NMPSIA Risk Coverage Forms

Activity Accounts, see Fundraiser Request

Application for Certified Staff (PDF)

Application for Non-Certified Staff (PDF)


Benefits Information, see also New Mexico School Insurance Authority (NMPSIA)

Board Policies

Book Inventory, see Staff Checkout Documents



Calendar, District

Checkout, Staff

Compensatory Time Request Form, see Exchange Time

Complaint Form

Computer & Internet Policies & Procedures FOR STUDENTS, see Technology Department

Computer & Internet Policies & Procedures FOR STAFF, see Technology Department

Conflict Resolution, see Grievance Policy and Form


Direct Deposit Forms, see New Hire Packet

Domestic Partner Coverage Forms, see New Hire Packet


Electronic Staff Checkout

EPSS – Educational Plan for Student Success, see Curriculum Department

Equipment Use Agreement-Checkout Form

Employee Job Descriptions

Employment Application, Certified Staff (PDF), see Application for Employment

Employment Application, Non-Certified Staff (PDF), see Application for Employment

Exchange Time Form (PDF)


Facility Use Application (updated 5/28/14)

Facilities Use – Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (T.U.L.I.P.) Information:

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Federal Activity Log (Excel), see Federal Programs

Field Trip Justification Form

FieldTrip Sponsor Approval Form

Fixed Asset Transfer Request Form(WORD), Request to move technology or fixed asset equipment

Fundraiser Request Form (WORD), see also Manual of Procedures, Supplement 18 – Student Activity and Athletics

Furniture Equipment Inventory, see Staff Checkout Documents


Grant Request Form

Grievance Conflict Resolution Form

Grievance Conflict Resolution Policy


Handbook, Athletics

Handbook, Cuba Elementary School 2014-2015

Handbook, Cuba High School 2014-2015

Handbook, Cuba Middle School 2014-2015

Handbook, Staff


I-9 Form, see New Hire Packet

Inclement Weather Memo

Injuries, Work Related – see Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness

Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) Request

Insurance, see New Mexico School Insurance Authority (NMPSIA)

Invoice Template, see Professional Services

iVisions Portal Requisitions Guide

iVisions Requisition Template (EXCEL)


Job Application (Certified and Non-Certified), see Application for Employment

Job Descriptions, Employee


Key Inventory, see Staff Checkout Documents

Key Replacement Request Form


Leave Request Form – ALL STAFF MUST USE TRIPLICATE COPY that can be obtained from site secretary or Central Office


Maintenance Work Order (WORD) *


New Hire Packet, includes the following forms: NMPSIA Rate Schedule, Enrollment Application, Schedules A-B-C, Directory for Insurance Carriers, Voluntary Deduction Form, NMERB Forms

NMERB Application for Retirement: You should obtain this form from your local personnel or business office 60-90 days prior to your planned effective date of retirement. There are four pages in the retirement application, they are: (1) Retirement Application Instructions, (2) Application for Retirement Checklist, (3) Member Information, and (4) the Employer Certification. Complete the Member Information Form and return it to your personnel or business office where the Employer Certification will be completed. Your employer will then forward the completed application to our office. Our staff will review your application for eligibility and mail to you your retirement documents, which include: an information memorandum, a final computation of your retirement benefit, a final selection of benefit form, and a direct deposit authorization form. (The New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority will automatically mail you a retirement packet. For more information on the NMRHCA, call 1-800-233-2576.)

NMERB Application for Return-To-Work Program Form

NMERB Beneficiary Designation Form

NMERB Request for Refund and/or Rollover Form

NMPSIA Program Guide effective July 2011

NMPSIA Enrollment Application, see New Hire Packet

NMPSIA Rate Schedule, see New Hire Packet

NMPSIA Schedules A, B, C, see New Hire Packet

NMPSIA Risk Coverage Forms


Off Contract Work Agreement (OCWA) Form


Per Diem, see Travel Reimbursement Request

Phone System: Intuity Multimedia Messaging User’s Guide (PDF), see Technology Department

Phone System: Telephone User’s Guide (PDF), see Technology Department

Phone System: Voice Messaging Tips and Highlights (PDF), see Technology Department

Professional Services Contract Packet

Purchase Requisition (EXCEL) – to request purchase of goods and or services.



Requisition, see Purchase Requistion

Retirement Forms, see NMERB


Salary Schedules, 2014-2015 CERTIFIED STAFF

School Safety Plan (PDF) *

Section 504 Due Process Grievance: Procedures * | Form * | Parent Information *

Staff Checkout

Staff Handbook, see Handbooks

Student Handbook, see Handbooks

Student Debt List, see Staff Checkout Documents

Student Incident Report (DOC) *

Summer Maintenance Request, see Staff Checkout Documents

Supply Room Inventory, see Staff Checkout Documents


Teacher Housing Manual

Teacher Professional Development Plan (Word) *

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (T.U.L.I.P.), see Facilities

Timesheet Schedule & Forms/Exchange Time Form, see Payroll Information & Forms

Transportation Request (WORD)

Travel Reimbursement Request Form (EXCEL)

Travel Reimbursement Request – STEPS TO COMPLETION (PDF), A one-page “How-To” guide


Union Agreement 2013-2014, Cuba Unified Employees (PDF)



Workman’s Compensation

W-4 Form, see New Hire Packet

W-9 Form