Board Minutes

Draft copies of minutes of each Board meeting will be available for public review in the District administrative office ten (10) working days after the date of the meeting. The Board will take action at a subsequent meeting to amend and/or approve these minutes as per Board Policy BEDG.  Minutes that are still in draft form must be requested from the district office using the IPRA Request Form.

PLEASE NOTE:  Final Board Minutes are posted as a courtesy on the district website only after they have been signed & approved by the School Board to ensure accuracy.  If there is a meeting for which the minutes are not found below, please submit an IPRA Request Form to the district office to obtain a copy.

2015-2016 School Year

Board Meeting Minutes 07-15-15

2014-2015 School Year

Board Meeting Minutes 06-17-15

Board Meeting Minutes 05-20-15

Board Meeting Minutes 04-22-15

Board Meeting Minutes 04-15-15

Board Meeting Minutes 03-18-15

Board Meeting Minutes 02-25-15

Board Meeting Minutes 02-18-15

Board Meeting Minutes 01-21-15

Board Meeting Minutes 12-30-14

Board Meeting Minutes 11-19-14

Board Meeting Minutes 10-15-14

Board Meeting Minutes 09-17-14

Board Meeting Minutes 08-20-14

Board Meeting Minutes 07-30-14

2013-2014 School Year

Board Minutes 06-18-14, approved 07-30-14

Board Minutes 05-28-14, approved 06-18-14

Board Minutes 04-16-14, approved 05-28-14

Board Minutes 03-19-14, approved 04-16-14

Board Minutes 02-19-14, approved 04-16-14

Board Minutes 01-22-14, approved 02-19-14

Board Minutes 01-15-14, approved 02-19-14

Board Minutes 12-18-13, approved 01-15-14

Board Minutes 12-10-13, approved 12-18-13

Board Minutes 11-20-13, approved 12-18-13

Board Minutes 10-16-13, approved 11-20-13

Board Minutes 09-18-13, approved 10-16-13

Board Minutes 08-21-13, approved 09-18-13

Board Minutes 08-01-13, approved 08-21-13

Board Minutes 07-17-13, approved 08-21-13

Board Minutes 07-01-13, approved 07-17-13