Cuba Elementary School

Due to COVID-19 all staff is working remotely at this time.

Principal: Amy K Romero
Phone: (575) 289-3211 ext. 400
Cell: (505) 463-1813
Fax: (575) 289-0436

Administrative Assistant: Anita Romero
Phone: (575) 289-3211 ext. 400
Cell: (505) 362-2876 

Daily attendance check ins are required between 8:00am and 9:00am on school days via
Student Attendance Check in 
Contact us at 505-362-2876 (text or call)

Starting 10/28/20 students have the options to attend one of the following Enrichment and Engagement Clubs.
Contact Anita Romero at 505-362-2876 to sign up. For more information see the flier below
Elementary Enrichment Clubs - After School
Student Art Work 

Parent Information